Post-Millennial –Tired of being underestimated

There is this ongoing cycle of mistreatment.

We are the “mistake” as they say.

The consequence of tech development.

Creating virtual movement

while glued to those screens of ours.

Oblivious to the world around us.

And they are right.

Internet is indeed a place to hide.

Although, sometimes

there is no need to remind us

as we might as well be shaping other’s minds,

creating communities, learning languages

or just preparing for the next class.


You tend to say we have no respect.

Hate to break it to you,

but we have already learnt of that.

We support respect that has yet not been seen.

Manifesting it in no

racial nor sexual preferences

and still managing to find unity.

Our magic glue is in diversity.

If there is a message we

as post-millennials want to leave,

it is that assumptions based on age

do not mean anything is guaranteed.

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